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Commercial Interior/Exterior Painting:

Local Pros Painting frequently works in occupied spaces within commercial buildings and settings.  Our crews professionally handle our scope of work while remaining cognizant of ongoing business that surrounds them.  

Our extensive work at the Seattle Municipal Tower is just one example of our standard work practices which include, but are not limited to; arriving and completing work only during scheduled work times, wearing clean/professional work attire with appropriate badging, using professional communication amongst crew members, setting up efficient work spaces as to minimize inconvenience for others, operating a safe working environment as to prevent accidents, and (when necessary) communicating informatively and politely to bystanders.  

My team is proficient and knowledgeable of the task at hand while respecting surrounding ongoing business and professional environments.  

My team’s professionalism and quality work product has earned us the business of King County Housing Authority, Mt. Baker Housing Authority, Sound Transit, King County Solid Waste, and Renton Housing Authority.

Bellevue Transit front

Municipality Interior/Exterior Painting:

Local Pros Painting has successfully completed numerous projects on municipality properties. Most importantly, my team is comprised of individuals whom maintain clean backgrounds and records.

Our proficiency of working in such environments is exemplified by our strong working relationship with the city of Renton. Within the Renton City Hall building we have handled several projects off hours, as well as during regular business hours. 

My crew is familiar with the importance of proper badging, cooperating with specific schedules, as well as maintaining the utmost professionalism and quality workmanship throughout the project. 

As a result of our healthy reputation, we have acquired several projects and countless bid requests for fire stations, police departments and city projects. We maintain excellent relationships the city of Renton, city of Maple Valley, and City of Issaquah to name a few. 

Maintenance Interior/Exterior Painting Contracts:

Local Pros Painting retains enough staffing to accurately schedule and fulfill on-call work orders. When work is requested, our punctual office staff provides an available crew to the site within 24-48 hours. 

Furthermore, to guarantee efficient productivity, our office personnel regularly communicates with our field staff to schedule appropriate timeframes for conducting quality workmanship and consistent staffing throughout the project. 

Our expertise with on-call contract work is best highlighted by our Task Order Contract with King County Housing Authority in which we have held since 2015.